Book CoverThis is a book for anyone, of any size.  It’s about living life in the body you have now, and making decisions about what you want in the future.

Society’s thin-obsession hurts us all, this is a book about fighting back.  Whether you want to love your body, change your body, be a size acceptance activist, or understand and support your fat friends and family, this book provides the insights, aha moments, humor, and hard facts to help.

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Read an excerpt from the foreword by Marilyn Wann

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Want to see more of Ragen’s work?  Check out her blog at www.danceswithfat.org

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  1. I bought and read the eBook recently and was so impressed with the writing style and the incredible research and information that I’ve come back to buy the softcover as well. I love the .pdf file on my eReader, but it’s a little hard to jump around and find favorite passages. Plus, I want to do everything I can to support this project if only by funding it and becoming healthy as a result of the precepts endorsed within it. Thank you so much for such a great book! I think you’re wonderful, Ms. Chastain, and I have nothing but good wishes for you and your work.

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